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My mother purchased an annual service contract through Sansone supposedly covering all of her appliance and air conditioning repairs free of charge. I called Sansone requesting the first service call on my mothers Air Conditioner which appeared to have frozen last Sunday. They told me Sunday service under her annual repair contract would cost $97 (we were never made aware of that) so we opted to wait until Monday for a service tech. When the tech arrived he sail the evaporator coil was bad and the freon had leaked out and proceeded to state he was condemning the unit and refused to repair it saying it wasn’t cost effective. I spoke to the owner Mary yesterday; and she said the freon, R22 was obsolete and offered to send a sales rep to sell us a new unit. I explained we would never buy a unit from a company that robbed my moms money with this junk contract. She told me I could get someone else to repair it but they would not. I asked that a copy of our contract be faxed to me which I haven’t received. I also have been told by a different technician the coil can be repaired but there is quite a bit of labor involved and that R22 is not obsolete and is still available. We have been lied to by the tech and the owner which is unacceptable. They are pushing us to buy a new unit simply because it doesn’t cost them anything. Don’t waste your money on this company, as for me I am probably taking them to small claims court if we can’t resolve this.

Deerfield Beach, Florida United States of America


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