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Complaint: I am NO sorcerer. I am NO conjurer. I am not posed as her. Donu2019t believe those lies. Ashra is a FRAUD who manipulates desperate souls out of money at the most vounerable time. Please, everyone BE WARNED! Her forum is controlled, monitored and manipulated by her. She has a select group of “friendsu201d (possibly all aliases of her) who troll and post praises of how great she is

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Address: but itu2019s the same accounts over and over. If you post anything negative you will be removed and so will your posting. I now have contacts from 3 people in just two weeks who she has taken Money from and done nothing! Or if she has

Website: how much nothing! You will see the same personu2019s over and over posting 2 and 3 reviews of the same rubbish! Please all BEWARE loves. Donu2019t pay one bloody cent! Update: she reported my review on another site and is attempting to have it removed because she doesnu2019t want you to know the truth. And worse

Phone: it doesnu2019t work. We are starting our own chat room to see if we can help each other remedy what has happened. You will pay and then not hear from her. She may send a line or two to buy time but you will get no change in you circumstances. You will Get no refund of your moneies. She hides behind the “”itu2019s just me and Iu2019m so busyu201d excuse but donu2019t be made a fool!! Watch as responds here in a short while. But ignores the hurting people who send monies to her. She will reply trying to play victim when she is the predator! Then her trolls post more or more great (PHONY) reviews to cover my post. None is ever giving details just “”oh my sheu2019s greatu201d… “”what a god sendu201d. Lies to deceive the innocent and heartbroken!! Never do they say what spell

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