Seiyoung Burleson Texas


Complaint: If you’re going to deal with Robert, please do a carful background check on him. He’ll lie, people. Just ask him for tax return that shows how much he has contributed to charity last few years. I have put down money to help charity over $30,000 and other people I know has put twice more, but what happen to the money that should be helping others who needed. Robert has no proof showing any contribution, sorry to say it all went into his pocket. Please, ask him for the records. I did and he lied about it. If he wants to show the proofs, he can easily get it from IRS website right? Please find genuine organization to help. It has been two years past, yet he has not try to repay my debt nor request for forgiveness.

Tags: Non-Profit Organizations

Address: 4313 Storm Creek lane Fort Worth, Texas United States of America

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 8178076022

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