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I have health issues so when we purchased a high end Simmons Beauty rest mattress and had some issues sleeping on it, my husband and I turned to the Select Comfort Sleep number bed store- only because as everyone is aware they offer a 30 day in home trial on their beds. nUpon entering the store we were greeted by the store manager Mr. Scott Lewis who was happy to run us through the whole display on how the sleep number bed works assuring us that we always have a 30 day in home trial on the sleep number bed and can return the bed if we don’t like it. Of course he assured us we would love it and we tried several different beds on display. Mr. Lewis proceeded to tell us that there was also a sale on a king size bed and for $2600.00 we could receive a wonderful bed that was worth over 3 grand and again if not completely satisfied just return the bed for a full refund.nSo, it sounded like a good deal to us, as we had no intention of spending more on a bed unless we were guaranteed a trial period. Mr. Scott Lewis was happy to ring up our sale- showing us our total and having us sign the credit card slip. We left the store in hopes that the bed would finally end my sleeping issues as my health is so fragile already.nWell we tried the bed for about a week and I was getting nowhere with it no matter what level I tried to adjust it to. It simply was not worth the amount we paid and was hurting me to sleep on. So, we decided to call the company and request our return. After a few days of trying to get through to the company who was extremely hard to reach, we finally got someone on the phone who told us were were sold a limited edition bed that is not refundable. They said we put our initials on the paperwork that indicated it was non-fundable, but we told them we only were told to sign for the credit card slip-never once were we told to sign for a limited edition bed that was not refundable. Anyway, I tried to contact Mr. Lewis to ask him why he lied to us over and over but he became extremely defensive and would not help in any manner at all, and tried to shift the blame on us saying that people hear what they want to hear when they are buying something. We heard only it was returnable over and over because that is what he said, and that is the ONLY reason we agreed to try the bed.nFinally after getting nowhere with Mr. Scott Lewis, I contacted the CEO of Select comfort Sleep number beds and a spokesperson called me back and told me we still could not get a return. I told this spokesperson that Mr. Lewis lied to us selling us a bed that we thought was returnable but switching it up so that we could not return the bed. This is very nice for him because he gets to keep him commission on the bed since we are stuck with it and can’t return it. So, he used the old BATE & SWITCH and let me say he is the smoothest talker out there, even telling me he would pray for me since I was upset about the incident. Who wouldn’t be upset when they are lied to so many times and out $2600.00 for a bed they cannot use! My hope is that Mr. Lewis will not be able to do this to others, as he has it practiced down to an art and it is unethical and unfair for him to be allowed to rip people off when they are hurting and trying to find a bed to sleep on! nMrs. patenSavannah, TexasU.S.A.

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