Sherwood Village Lawton, Oklahoma Review


Sherwood village sent out a letter stating that after the 5th of the month there would be a late fee of 25 dollars applied to your lot rent. If it still was not paid by the 15th then there would be an additional late fee of another 25 dollars and if it still was not paid by the 25 there would be a 50 dollar late fee applied to the lot rent and no evictions. Well now without any notice they are saying that was not sent out and they can not take payments after the 20th and they will start evictions on anyone who is late. They told me that they will have my keys to my house even though I am buying my house. I told them no they will not and I paid them over 400 dollars for lot rent for the month of sept. That is 100 more than what they originally said I owed them. .

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