Shriram Properties Complaint


Dear readers, This is not just out of shear frustrations or anything of that nature or nothing against the giant shriram founders. The guys sitting in the middle selling the properties and the “so-called” contractors shriram is hiring and the kind of issues they leave to you to live with. The #s selling you the property are rude when you report or ask them to fix issues you noted and given in writing before moving in. They hesitate or don”t fix the issues even after 3 months of you moving in. List of issues could start from.. Leaking kitchen sink, broken tiles, no-cable connection, missing power holders, worst backup power in the whole industry, damaged doors, cheap and not working window frames etc.. Don”t get fooled by the sayings on the pamplet about lofts in each bedrooms, curtain rod in bathrooms.. When you actually move in, to your surprize, you wont see many or just sample in one bed room and bathroom. On top of it, to hide their goof-up or cost-cutting, they tell, customers did not want all these. If so, why in the world would you guys put it in the advertisement and fool others? I have plenty of photos to support what I wrote and also, trust me, i”ve recorderd some phone calls of the seller/no-support person”s (name: raghavendra, bangalore) as well.. I will release all these in the world wide web soon.

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