Simpson’s Auto Repair aka Simpson’s Conoco omaha Nebraska


Complaint: This business screwed me and my family out of tens of thousands of dollars. With the money they made from us, they were probably able to buy a new house. These people are dishonest, and I encourage other’s not to go there. Last month I went there to have a tire patched. I was worried about going, but I had to get to school, and they were the closest auto repair shop around. I was suspicious when the mechanic couldn’t even get the rims off my car, he asked me to move my car up. He pulled a nail out of my tire, and patched it from the out side. I punctured the hole in front of me, making it a lot bigger. He put a small rubber stick that was folded in half and some paste in the hole. He told me it was an old fashioned method of patching tires that always worked for him. He promised me that the patch would last for ever. Forever ment one month to him. Now, my tire is completely flat again, but this time I have a huge hole in it(about a centimeter in diameter). I am never going there again. Heather Omaha, Nebraska

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: 50th and Happy Hallow Blvd Omaha, Nebraska U.S.A.


Phone: 402-553-9915

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