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For about two year in the years 2007 -9, Stephen helped me to sell some exclusive vintage but also new watches, mostly Vacheron Constantin. I had them in Sweden and he sold them and got a provision of 10-15 %. Every deal went OK, at least in the beginning but after a while the money took longer time to arrive, he blamed the buyers. Anyhow in the end I got my money. After about two years I went to London in 2009 and spend 3-5 days with a very charming and nice man, stephen Baring. We had already become friends by the 100 emails we changed during the first two years. I brought with me watches that I had bought for a greater sum than I waited to get, 90 % were Vacheron Constantin, mainly wristwatches from art deco period but aalso some pocket watches. Very beautiful watches that I had collected for many years. He signed the reception of the watches. Stephen paid nothing, I blue eyed trusted him as a good friend! Then he sold them and there was lie after lie, but no money. I could see some of them sold at Ebay and also hat he lied about what he had got. I still looked upon him as a friend! Finally I contacted his fiancee whom I met, now ex fiancee… Finally even his mother.Steven answered maybe 1 of 10 emails or SMS that I send. Finally I got a “confession”” where he admit that he has no money

he had probably live a good life on my money. Excuses about burglery against his shop wher he had lost uninsured watches worth – yes

u00a3 30.000. I have his receipt of the watches but I can’t attach it to this document. His confession is also VERY interesting but it’s the same problem there. I need someone to help me because it gives avery clear picture of this man

I’m an old doc.. Anyway he has stolen more than u00a3 30.000 from me and he goes free. Sorry to see that I’m not the only one who has been betrayed by this master con man! Please if you can advise me I would gladly show the two documents. I have 100s of lying emails too

but that is just part of the story! If we at least could get him behind bars I would see upon that as probably the only justice we could get. Better that than he spending the winter season in Bahamas as he use to do! Let’s get him! Fagusinsula”

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