Stoneleigh Recovery Associates Complaint


A rep from this company called today stating they were trying to reach my mother for personal business she has with their company. They had several numbers and gave me names of people that were no longer in her life. She has been unavailable for several years and her phone number did not lead them to anyone-anywhere. They would not give any information because I was not her. They would not advise what type of services their company was about so I would not help them in any way. I told them that without at least telling me what kind of services they provide I was not going to answer any questions. Then I lied and told the rep that I had power of attorney on my mothers behalf. The caller said that I could fax a copy to them and then and only then would they disclose any information to me. Otherwise they could have a three way call with them, me and my mother to get permission to disclose information to me. I didn”t go for it. I am aware of my mothers expenses as few as she had and am managing them appropriately. Sounds like an attempt to perpetrate fraud against the elderly. I told the caller I was aware of what “recovery” meant and not to call back.

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