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Complaint: I ordered a watch from a VFW catalogue and found a watch I would like to have.It was from Stauter Watch Comp. I ordered the watch for 179$ . What I thought was a good price. With in 4 days I got it,great I thought. Less than two weeks the numbers started to fall off and one of the three diles stoped working ( the month dile ) .so I called them up to see what I had to do to return it, they said use the return bar code and send the watch back and they would send me another one, ok I said. Then after I read some consumer reports I found people had a lot of problems with this watch . My bad, should have read reports befor ordering . So when I mailed it back I wrote refund only. Over a month later I received another watch threw the mail. I called back and told them I had stated a refund, he said I will refund your money to the credit card and asked me to return the new one I just received . I told him after I see the refund I will send it back. He said ok. Here’s hopeing. can’t understand why we can’t stop this company from selling products that are know to be bad and knowing it. I hope this gets around for people to know the Stauer Watch Comany is a RIPOFF. Thank You, Doug , Beverly Hills, FL.

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