SunFrog Review

S Aka Stole my Fan art & T-shirt Designs to sell them online!! | ever since I found back in January 2019, I created my first account on there to post my fan art and my regional art works on their and on their t-shirt products for sale I only post like 6 design up there at that time and date and I went to go check to see if my designs was showing up on their market place area on the website. | When I used the keywords for my designs of Supernatural and also Star trek and Football, Baseball,Basketball, and Pyraminx cube or rubik cube, or Sam Winchester or Dean Winchester or Castiel and God and Enterprise and Demon Hunter I found all my other art designs on their website already hosted by other people on their accounts. | They was getting the money and revenue from my art work they had stolen and posted on websites t-shirt and other products too. | I reported it in to‘s Legal Dep: and they was supposed to take my stolen images off their website and ban the users who stolen them from me off their website from making anymore money off my designs or other peoples designs they stolen and they did NOT!! | They just changed the keyword from what I used to lookup the designs to a different keyword tag and that was it and my art and fan art and photos are still up on those people accounts and the people who stole my images and art are not been banned from website at all and they was not reported in to the legal authorities as they claim they do!!! | So, I thought they took my images off their website, but what they did was change the tag words around stolen my images I place on my own account on their website and gave them to PZ Asian girl and Bstyles a Asian Boy to sell on their website and they also had and still have other images and fan art and regular art of mine on their accounts on website for sale!!! | and they Deleted and banned my account instead for reporting in they’re workers and friends for stealing my art work!!! | I even tried to call them on their cellphone number they got listed and No” one answers the d**n phone 989-282-3119 there!!! | they’re so called address, which I think is “FAKE” | 1782 O’Rourke BLVD | Gaylord MI 49735 | USA | P: 989-282-3119 | [email protected] | I contacted them by email and through their Legal Department again and I reported my stolen art work and images to them over 300 times in the past 5 months or so, and I keep seeing my images and art still up on and I did not give permission and I did not sell or give Freely my images or photos or Fan Art or Art period to these d**n Asian people to sell on their own accounts and make money off my art designs!!! | Here’s a List of some of them and you can see different user accounts and Bstyles he has more then one account on cause he post his own photo on his accounts!! | And PZ his girl friend has some of my designs as well too, and those fan art designs they have stolen of mine for supernatural and star trek was taken off where I have 4 websites under that business to sell designs and they have fan art portals to make fan art for TV shows and Movies and other things too. | has over 500+ of my designs on their websites that they stolen off me and post on their own website for sale!! | they also have images from Marvel studio and Disney and DC Universe and other peoples art and fan art on there website too that they stolen and are reselling on their website!! | Heres a list of my own websites you can see my designs on and then match them up with the ones onm thats been stolen and was not give permission to use or download or resell in any shape or form!! they never brought any copyright licnese off me at all to re-use or re-sell them for profit!!!


  • Name: SunFrog
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Gaylord
  • Address: 1782 O’Rourke BLVD
  • Phone: 855.578.6376
  • Website:

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