Supreme Garcinia Gambodia & Purity Cleanse System Review


I am writing because of fraudulent charges I received from Garcinia Cambodia Slim Health PurityCleanse system i ordered for a trial purchase on July 14, 2016 for a total of $7.90 (PurityCleanseSystem 8669159351 GBR) and $6.57 (SM *SLIMTRIMHEALTH.NET 866-915-9351 MDA).To my surprise subsequent unauthorised transactions were deducted 13days later July 27, 2016 precisely debit was made for one drug $141.04 (SM *SLIMTRIMHEALTH.NET 866-915-9351 MDA) and $142.26 (SLIMTRIMHEALTH.NET 866-915-9351 MDA). On August 2, 2016 two transactions again $96.83 (PurityCleanseSystem) and another $127.06. On August 26, 2016 $145.85 (*SLIMTRIMHEALTH.NET 866-915-9351 MDA) was debited for same supplement. On September 1, 2016 $102.94 and $135.30 was posted.All the transactions Between July 27 and September 1 2016 was not authorized they are fraudulent totalling $788.34. I canceled my card and reported it with the credit card company that I did not authorise it and it was reversed to my surprise I received a letter from Capital One Mastercard with some attachment that I consented to automatic enrollment for the supplement by clicking Terms and condition that was not fully displayed when ordering for the free trial. I discovered that the company is fraudulent from my research online and they are doing the same thing to all customers who unknowingly fall for their trap by ordering the free trial. Please check online try to google the Purity cleanse and Garcinia Cambodia, check Facebook forums you will see torrents of complaints about this phoney companies selling the supplements. Capital One Mastercard went ahead to debit my account for two transactions on December 2, 2016 $96.83 and $102.94.After the cancellation, the company requested I post back the 3 bottles mailed to me which I did immediately using a USA postal address not even a real address.Best regards

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