Swift Access Lending Review


I first iniated contact with Swift Access Lending and Yinan Nancy Sun towards the end of December. I contaced them through a funding site about real estate investing. heir terms seemed great for so I did more research and also contacted some references. The references came back saying positive things but a few weren’t to pleased with the time frame so I went ahead and continued anyway. Nancy also had quite the positive rap sheet with the state of Texas as being a very good loan orginator. Not long after I found a great property and determined a total of $68,618 was needed. Nancy also let me know it would be a good time to get consider other properties and get paperwork rolling for other loans. Even though it was only a few days the property had come and gone and I let Nancy know this because I wanted to be upfront. This is when we decided to consider this amount be a busines loan instead. Once we got the wording correct in th paperwork I had signed and agreed to proceed with upfornt fees of $2,698.58. This wasn’t a surprise to me as every other hard money or private money lender wanted some skin in the game from me as well. I sent all the payments by the middle of Januray 2015 to only be told by Nancy several times more that more upfront fees would be needed. I was not happy and also out of money but I borroed and took cash advancements to keep the ball rolling. By the end of January 2015 I sent another $$3,584 with a grand total of $6,282.58. By now I had received closing documentation for February 8th. The 8th had come and gone and still no funds. By the end of February I was explained the addtional fees were for another loan I had submitted but had not signed to go forward. This loan was in the amount of $178,474.77. Nancy and Hilda Diaz had apologized in an offical letter and explained the sitation and that both loans would be funded within 72 hours which would be March 1st. Again this date went and gone. Now Nancy had explained they needed to run test funds to make sure the account was safe. They did so in the form of $1,900 which I was told to send back once received. I did as told and this check came back fraudlent and my bank account went negative. I was told by Nancy that they were hacked and the check was from this person. I was told to do this 5 more times in the amount of $2,000 and did so since they were hacked. Each time Nancy keeps telling me the loan is getting close to closing. Just this week on May 21st my bank account was suspended from online use. My bank had informed me that their security department deemed the transactions unsafe and the Swift Access and Nancy did so illegally. They had informed me how they were sending their test deposits that my name was suppose to be on the other accounts as well. Nanacy is now blaming me for the loan not closing because my bank has also sent back their latest deposit and will not allow it to post to my account. Nancy and her company will not call my bank and explain the deatils of the transaction but instead is trying to get me to open another account with another bank to do the same thing. This mess has cost me well over $7,500 and in the mean time the person who hacked their information has been texting me with my bank account information harrassing and threatening me. Nancy and her company could care less about funding a loan as they have had mutilple test deposits enter and leave my account just fine but they will not fund now. If you have any questions or would like even more details of emails chains, documentations or text please email . I would be more than happy to provide more details. Luckily I have organizations such as the State Of Michigan Attorney General and Texas’s Attorney General looking more into their business practice. .

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