Tap 2 Earn Review


I found out about the site from some friends. It seemed legit and everyone was saying it was. Before trying to cash out, I did some research. So far, those that I know personally who have cashed out say that they received an email saying that a confirmation, but money is not sent to their account. Also, there are no picture or proof of the founders of the site. What they do is they let the person earn money by sharing the site on social media as a way to earn more money. Once those tasks are done, then you cash out. So people are sharing the site to one another and sayind in the youtube videos that it is legit to earn more money, but never get any. Their way of contact has changed twice now. The account manager is the same person for everyone. The name is "Jesse". And the picture is a picture often used by other scamming sites. There is a way to add payment methods, but there is no way to remove them. They ask for information such as cashapp, paypal,etc. Although you are not putting in your direct bank information, you do have to put them into those other sites to receive money. So that is how they have been getting people’s bank information. The chat page does not work at all. They use bots on their Youtube channel saying that someone has earned money when it is not a real person. There are other red flags but those are the ones I have on the top of my head. Hope this helps.

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