Terravision London Finance Complaint


Booked tickets from PISA airport to Florence and return journey. Got an email less than 24 hours prior to first leg, telling me the bus had been cancelled! I could get an earlier bus, which would noit have been possible due to arrival time, or wait 4 hours at the airport for a later bus!! Used a different provider for first leg of journey. Onced again, 24 hours prior to return journey, got yet another email telling me the bus had been cancelled!! When trying to get a refund, the company took 1 week to even acknowledge my request and then wanted copies of the bus tickets, plus evidence of my flight booking! ( I fail to see what my flight details had to do with my claim ) I explained that the booking reference I provided in my initial contact email would have had all the ticket details, but this seemed to fall on deaf ears! I have little confidence that I will ever get my refund.

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