Terri’s Consign & Design Furniture Mesa Arizona Review


We consigned furniture with Terri’s Consign & Design. Furniture was picked up from our home on 30 JUN ’09. Furniture was sold at Terri’s the next day on July 1st. As the contract states, “check will be processed on the last day of the month following the sale of the item(s) and sent through the mailing process””. It has now been 71 days since our furniture has sold and we have yet to receive our money from Terri’s. We have made 5 telephone calls to Terri’s inquiring as to where our money is for our sold furniture. Each phone call resulted in 5 different answers. Per their direction we e-mailed [them] at [email protected]. They have not responded to our email

and Terri’s Corporate offices no longer answer their phones. We were advised today

10 SEP ’09 that some clients have not been paid for 4 (four) months

and our name had been put on the ‘list’. I was told there was nothing they could do about it. When asked

I was advised the corporate office is being moved and they would not give out the new address for the corporate office. Each inquiry was met with a very defensive and ‘snotty’ attitude. We elected to use Terri’s Consignment & Design to avoid the uncertainty of craigslist shoppers. It’s unfortunate this company which I believe had been an ethical business has slipped to that of being a ‘rip-off’ company. I will pursue any and all available resources to ensure others are not ripped off. Terri’s continues to pick up your furniture and sell it

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