THE DOG Bar & Grille Review


I was fired after working at this place for 3 years because the hours were not enough to support my family and myself. I got a second job was later fired thereafter because the employer couldnít find someone for that shift. I talked to management about the new job that I had to be at. I got a verbal agreement from the boss that it was ok for me to take that day and work my new job. Later that week on the night at my new job they got mad at me and said: That this was meant to be my main job here at The Dog Bar and Grille it should come before all others. So they fired me and told me Quote: “it was because I got the second job.” These are some issues that I want to bring to bare for customers…. As Stated I am a former employee of this place and want to make these Health Issues known to the public: 1* Employees Don’t Always Wash Hands Before Returning To Work. (HEALTH RISK) @ Many times I have seen employees do garbage runs and come back and start working on food prep without washing hands. @ Mixing Chicken and Frozen Ground Beef without Proper Handing Techniques (i.e. Mixing Different Raw Meats) 2* Have Seen Multiple Employees Dropping Food On Floor And Placing It Back In The Cooking Station. (HEALTH RISK) @ Have Seen Employees Dropping Chicken Wings on floor and instead of trashing them they will keep them and place them as part of a customersí meal. 3* Dishes Are Not Properly Sanitized. (HEALTH RISK) @ Dishes are not scrubbed to get old food off and will see employees reused old pans/serving dishes on multiple different customersí meals. 4* No Sanitary cleaning supplies (unless health inspector is coming for inspection) (HEALTH RISK) I will let you be the judge on this if you wish to still visit them you can enjoy the health risks and knowledge of the uncaring employers attitude towards dedicated employees.

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