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Being in a new town, stuck in the same job, and trying to buy a new house, a letter came to me from The League. They said it was for my eyes only, and they were an anonymous group and were anxious to recruit me into this special society. They said they had been following me for some time, knew so much about me, but didn’t mention anything specifically about me. It was a 10 page letter, typed on both sides, signed simply Bill. It told stories of Einstien and Bill’s poor past, and swore he didn’t want my money, just for me to simply pay it forward after all my dreams came true. They said all I had to do was say yes and join this elite club. Just mail off this certificate by a certain date, and it would be the only invitation I ever received. I did mail off the letter and the whole way to the mailbox I was saying a prayer that this was real, and that all the good i’ve done in my life was paying off and was giving it a chance because it was rare you get a letter like that that didn’t want any money. I thought just maybe God was answering my prayers and my husband and son could live a life of ease and retirement. I immediately started seeing what I could find online about this “”secret society”” and it didn’t take very long to find this website. I am so grateful others had posted on the same letter and told their stories so that I didn’t spend all this time anxiously waiting some fantasy to come true. Granted I wouldn’t have sent money anyway, but at least now I’m not wasting prayers on some jerk with too much time on his hands to come up with such a scam. .

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