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07/08/2019 Have tried for a week to change my order on my auto-ship 250 club. Will only let me add more selection and not remove and seems like some sort of scam. When trying to remove cigars and save changes it says “please correct error below” but there is no marked error and it won’t remove the cigar. When calling customer service have waited 1/2 hour twice, and an hour the last time that I finally got through only to have the person on the other end lose the connection and hang up on me but not before he tried charging my credit card and crediting it back while I WAS NOT on the phone with him. Oddly enough if I am ordering cigar I get right through in seconds only to have the person be rude to me when I explain the issue and told I can have my issue “expedited” with a 24 hour wait which is the same if I email. How is that “expedited”?? With all the expereance I have had with Thompson Cigars thus far I am about to cancel my club account and take my business some where else.

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