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Complaint: I am a previous employee of Tipton Plumbing. Mathew Tipton operater of Tipton Plumbing & Mechanical claims he has been in businees for ten years. Mathew Tipton unfortunately has personal issues which prevent him from having any integrity or magement skills. Matts integrity became in question when he was not able to pay his employees. After waiting three long weeks he squirmingly let me know he did not have the money and he would pay me on the following Monday. Monday rolls around and he changes his story to Tuesday. I was paid finally on Tuesday after I had let Matt know that I was unable to work for his company due to the lack of professionalism and poor money mangement. He hired me on at an agreed dollar amount per hour, verbally. When I finally got paid after three weeks. He had chosen to pay me two dollars less an hour than the agreed amount. With overtime and such he basically nickel and dimed me for around $300. I tried talking with Matt in regards to this issue and he avoids my calls. I am currently in the process of letting the state licensing board and the city of Fort Collins aware of Matts operation. As I dig further into his history I have found he operates his shop with “someone”” elses masters license. One other thing I’d like to mention is there is a long list of unhappy employees. I have talked with three personally. One in particular claims Mathew owes him for two days of work. Matt claims to have been in business for ten years? Well his longest employee to date as I write is one year. This in itself says a lot.”

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Address: 1316 Webster ave Fort Collins, Colorado USA


Phone: 9704848548

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