Travelocity Lynnfield Massachusetts Review


After several unsuccessful attempts of booking airline tickets and the site freezing on me, I gave up. The next day I tried to use my debit card and it was declined. After complete confusion because I knew I had funds in my account, it was determined that Travelocity charged me 3 times for the tickets I was trying to purchase the night before. I immediately called Travelocity to inform them that every dime I have is being held from an inaccurate charge (times three) that they made on my account. I first spoke to a very apologetic supervisor and we called my bank on a conference call. At that time the bank instructed the Travelocity mngr. what he needed to do in order to free up my funds. The mngr. informed me he would take care of it right away and call me back immediately. After waiting a few hours, and no call back from the mngr. I called back. Because I was at work it made it extremely difficult for me to call but I had to do something since my funds were still not available. After the initial automated recording picked up I was left holding for over 39 minutes. Becoming extremely frustrated (while at work on a land line) the phone just disconnected me and went dead. So…..just to fast forward a bit and several dozen calls later my entire bank account was held from Thursday evening till Tuesday at midnight the following week. Not only was I unable to access any of my funds for basic living expenses for over 5 days…I found out the tickets were never even purchase by Travelocity. They just decided to hold my entire account and informed me no tickets are guaranteed. After the hold on my funds was finally released, I realized the ticket increase in price was up over 25%. In addition to this and to add insult to injury, my bank charged 2x NSF fees of $35 each because I had to two checks attempt to clear and were unable to because my entire account was being held.

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