Travis Mabee Review


On February 25, 2013 I had a Hughes Net employee, Travis Mabee, install new equiptment for my home internet. He had my husband dig the hole for the post that the satelite dish was installed on. He “completed” the installation and informed me that he would be back in three days or sooner if i called, to fine tune pin point the dish. I called five days later. Been having connecting issues randomly. He never responded. I texted him lastnight (March 29, 2014) and got a bunch of responses back..he doesn’t need to come up here to fix it, he’s going to call the cops for harassment, he recorded my call so he has proof of harassment. I just wanted him to complete his job that he gets paid for, and he hasn’t, i still have issues..some days it’s fine then others it has low connection..assuming he dialed it in correctly i wouldn’t have these issues.

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