U.S. Treasury Grant Department Review


I kept asking what the name of their company was and the person on the phone kept bypassing my requesIasked them to call me back and they said they don’t do calm backs.They called me again on the same day Snd then again the following day. All three times that they called. I could not understand either one of them. I did understand the phone number they gave me and also my id number they said to give when I called back. When I called back on 06/18/15 a woman answered and I explained that I was told to call the number back. I kept asking what the bane of the company was and she told me it was tge USTreasury Grant Drpartnent.I could barely understand her and when I asked her to repeat the name of her company and she repeated, became irate and hung up on me. I had my suspicions from day one. I’m glad they only had my first and last name and my zip code. I did not give any other information to them, but I can honestly sAy, that tgey probably had more info on me before they contacted me. As it is, they called me on my cell phone. I don’t know how they got my cell phone number. I received a call I believe is a scam. They told me my name was chosen to receive a grant. They told me to. call the number given and, give them my checking account number. I could barely understand them. .

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