UberCab, Inc. Review


WARNING TO ANYONE WANTING TO DRIVE FOR UBER They are a company practicing fraud and maltreatment of drivers!! I drove for Uber X in Los Angeles for a short period (less than 2 months) and was disgusted. I took advantage of a free car inspection they had started to offer, after I had heard from a couple of people driving Uber was a good and flexible side gig to have. Their marketing blasts offered $15 – $20 per hour, easily acheivable. However, the truth is that Uber takes a huge cut of 30% from the already very low Uber X fares, resulting in a take home amount equal or less to minimum wage (California is $9). This is not accounting for the gas expense, repairs and heavier wear and tear on your vehicle. So take home pay is substantially lower than minimum wage! While they make billions!! To top off this already very big joke, drivers are hired as independent contractors so responsible for their own taxes, which is a higher rate. AND Uber have the gall to add all third party fees to the tax bill of the drivers, which is fraudulent practice!! In summary, this is a company that treats those who work for them as if they were slave labour. Definitely a company that doesn’t deserve to continue operating in such a manner. If more people quit and spread the word they will either be forced to change, or cease to do business. Be the change you wish to see. .

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