Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant Reviews & Complaints


Horrible experience. We went during lunch time, the waiter spilled the drinks all over the table and on me. Well, the worst part was my cell phone was sitting on the table. So, I tried to dry it off as quickly as possible. The waiter apologized profusely, but the manager acted like it was no big deal No big deal, I would like to see how he would have reacted to having drinks spilled on his month old pda cell phone! My friend said thats an expensive phone she has and the guy spilt drinks all over the table. The manager replied with ..all phones are expensive now days. Well, he gave us his business card in case I ended up having issues with my phone. Well, our bill came, you would have thought they would have maybe took the drinks off or something, but no. We paid to have our drinks spilt on me and on my pda. My pda/cell phone will not ring now. I have contacted them, but I seem to be getting the run around. I would not recommend the fort worth location for sure. I understand accidents happen, but to not even acknowledge it or seem a bit worried really upsets me.

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