United Puppy Shop Review


We found a puppy on line the cost was within what the breed goes for but for the Holiday they were giving a discount (should of been our first clue). We filled out the online questionnaire with brief info regarding ourselves and in a couple of hours had a reply that we were approved. My husband and I did a little research (clearly not enough digging) which really didn’t result in any hits. He did a search of images and couldn’t find any other pictures of the same image so we felt it was on the up and up. We sent the money and received confirmation. The next day the email came stating the puppy would be put on a flight and they provided a tracking number. received an email that weather was not allowing flight to leave and puppy would leave the next day. The company who was handling the flight arraignments (who we found out are in on it as well), called and stated they needed an additional deposit for heating for the crate, temp was below freezing and puppy was a mini and the airline would not allow puppy to fly without it. Puppy never left, we never received our puppy United Puppy Shop stated they would refund our money and now no one is answering our calls.

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