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This incident happened during our visit to Island of adventures theme park, Universal Studios Orlando. We had just finished our ride at The Amazing adventures of Spider-man, when while leaving the vehicle my husband realized that his wallet had somehow slipped out of his shorts pocket in the vehicle. We had just disembarked from the vehicle and before we could retrieve the same (it was just a matter of 2-3 seconds), the attendant stopped us and told that they would retrieve and hand it over to us. They informed over the phone to their folks at the boarding place and they retrieved and handed it over to us. We were very glad and thankful that we got it back. But our joy was very short-lived for $110 was missing from it. We checked our cards and found it to be intact. We were very deeply saddened by this incident and this changed our initial opinion of the integrity of the staff. The rest of our trip was marred by this incident. I, especially, had a very good opinion of people here and this incident has shaken my belief a bit and made me realize that no matter which part of the world you are in, there are bound to be few such people.

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