Used MapQuest to Get Accurate Directions Within the City I Live In


I know that driving directions aren’t always accurate with MapQuest, so I checked with my school to make sure the directions from MapQuest were correct. I live here except I never went to the south side of the city. I am unfamiliar with the streets on the south side. MapQuest gave me directions with an extra two miles added to the route. I live in the North west. MapQuest had me heading North east only to head south. I am familiar with the North east side so I knew the map was off.

It is a free service, but people in need of free help should not be overlooked because of their inability to pay. I recently purchased an iPhone. I now use the Map app on my iPhone. It is accurate and took over seven miles off our family vacation drive. If AOL, (MapQuest’s parent company), doesn’t take responsibility for MapQuest’s in accuracy then I wonder why they offer the service. They must get a tax cut or something for a free site. When people do something to help, even when it’s free, their work is an example of their ethical standards.

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