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My name is Katie and I accepted the package offer much like others mentioned on this site. 6 days Orlando, 4 days Daytona Beach and the 2 night Bahamas cruise $598US all you have to do is attend the timeshare presentation. I recieved my certificates, completed them and began the booking process via phone and email. A number of emails later they reply and say I need to pay the reservation fee $99 and port fee’s of $199 per person. So I pay the fee’s and after a number of emails and phone calls I still haven’t heard anything back. nLast week I get a phone call from them asking why I haven’t booked my package yet. I said I was in the process of doing so. They said ok, great, we just need to reconfirm your package details. So we go through the same process where you record the details of the package in a question answer scenerio over the phone. I was reassured no charge would be made to my card as I had already paid. When I checked my account the initial sum of $598US had been charged to Calypso Cay Resort. nI called my bank and cancelled my card thinking it was a fraudulent company. I also called and emailed the Reservation Centre for info on this company… no reply. Then I jumped online and found all the rip off reports on Calypso Cay. So I called them asking why I had been charged this amount and they said you booked a package with us through Vacation Promotions. I explained I had already paid for that package in March and had no knowledge that they were affiliated with Vacation Promotions. Calypso told me to call Vacation Promotions and gave me a no. that does not work. Vacation Promotions wont reply to my emails or phone messages. nI don’t know what to do? Has anyone taken a holiday with these people or is it just a big scam to take our money? Any advice at this point would be greatly appreciated! I feel like a real fool! All up they have taken $2000US and I get the impression I will get neither a refund nor a holiday! nKatienSydneyAustralia

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