VCA Animal Hospitals Complaint


A pre-op biopsy was never performed on the two growths on my dog’s body. Post-op pathology reported the growths were completely benign. This fact could have been determined without surgery. VCA has caused my dog unnecessary pain and suffering, has caused me emotional anxiety, and cost me a surgical and medical bill past $1, 500. Additionally, when sutures were removed 2 weeks post-op, I was informed my dog was “healing well”. My dog subsequently chewed open a section of the wound, requiring further veterinary attention, at an additional cost of $328. Also, my dog will always have a permanent disability in one leg as a result of the totally unnecessary surgery. It is not known at this time how the disability and surgery aftereffects will affect my dog in the future. When queried as to why a pre-op biopsy was not performed when in the office to have the surgery repair performed, the veterinarian on duty replied, “sometimes we don’t”. Since the surgery was unnecessary, which could have been determined by a pre-op biopsy lab test, I feel VCA was deliberately trying to make a commission on this case by going ahead without a pre-op biopsy. My dog would not have required a second visit for surgical repair if a pre-op biopsy had been performed, and I said that to the veterinarian on duty. There was no response from the veterinarian; the lack of comment “told ” me all I need to know. I feel VCA owes me restitution in this case, adjustment of the fees is definitely in order. There is totally substantiated evidence from the pathology lab that the growths were benign. VCA cannot dispute the facts.

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