VI Fitness Centres Complaint


Attended the Langford VI Fitness since opening in 2006, and have paid fees without any problem every month since then. I was awarded a new job in Burnaby BC and so went to the Langford gym to cancel my membership. I was given the cancellation form to sign, was told everything was taken care of . May 30 2016 I see that VI Fitness had taken a membership fee out of the original bank account for the fees. I had put a stop payment on the payments but VI Fitness had changed their information so another payment would not be stopped, so the May charge went through. I immediately contacted the Langford VI Fitness centre and was told they would not do anything for me until I brought in my cancellation forms. I checked and could not find my form, and the Langford centre said they had no record of my cancellation. Said after alot of arguement that I could cancel my membership by email because they did not believe that I had cancelled in the first place. I spoke to the centre manager and the area manager(Heather) and was given hostile and rude treatment. I am now told that if I want a refund of the May payment I have to find the cancellation form, they do not have their copies of the cancellation form. I have to send an email to cancel and they won”t put anymore payments through, I guess we will see if they do. The treatment I was given surrounding this simple cancellation was appalling and I would advise everyone to not to get a membership at VI Fitness!!!

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