Victor and Susan Day Review


I would love to see a class action taken towards this company due to its dishonest practices. We converted to points in Arizona and lied to several times after asking the same question several times. We even set up a second meeting “buyers remorse” to question the line items that we had reviewed the night before to get more detailed answers. Well they knew we were close to backing out so they told us what we wanted to hear. When I say liars, deceitful that means not telling the whole truth such as not showing us the club dues and the additional maintenance fees that would be tacked on to our Polo Towers in LasVegas for the additional points we purchased. What kind of recourse does anyone have after being lied to by these dishonest ripoff artists. The consumer should have some legal action to take to relinquish this financial burden not only from the buyer but to protect our children since there is perpetuity. I do hope there is a law firm that would be willing to take something like this on. Diamond is not stupid by any means because they have covered their butts. Talk about “Fleecing of America” Feeling Very Very Very Stupid but miserably stuck!

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