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Paid this company $1500 for a web Job. they did nont even do the design, our designers did eveything.. never finished the job. Site totally not functional. Theya are also promoting themselved as investors or with contact to investors that will help start ups… total BS… these are thives ( more like thieves club. Do not deal with anyone related to: Andrei Gaita Lucian Haraga Razvan Creanga Florin Ladaru Vlad Baesu Luchian Chivoiu Mihai Angheluta Will keep providing info as we get… last communication from these bozos when asked when will we get the job finished: Me: anything yet” [6/2/14 5:07:56 PM] razvancupatru: I know I sound like a d*, but I did not even have time to look over the website… My schedule is f* up… full-time job, part-time job and a business… I am now on Skype on a conference and then I’ll go to bed [6/2/14 5:08:28 PM] razvancupatru: I know it’s not your fault… I’ll get some time on Friday.

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