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Complaint: 2011 was my chidren first year at Ridgeland Highschool in Rossville Ga.I attended Parent teacher confrences and was assured that they would take good care of my children and let me know of anything going wrong.We were new to the area and about a month going in my son started to meet and bring home friends that concerned me; so it did not surprise me when the schooled called and I spoke with a teacher who said he had been lagging in class and was socializing I then addressed my concern about the new friends and asked if they seperate the bunch but their was call after call about this.then my son then ran away for three days with one the former female students of this that he had meet with through a current student. I called the everyday to make sure he had not skipped because I didn’t know wher he was or if he was okay I spoke with a principal explained the situation she asked how old my son was and Ican’t tell you any info. in Ga. he doesn’t have to be here but if misses days will be exspelled and kicked out school sure enough he missed one day I went to the spoke the resource officer told her that i thoght this school would be safe named some of the friends and Iwas told at that time the freinds were very bad influences but they would be leaving the school so not to worry the principal also assured me of this and my son was going on suspion and could return in three days I agreed because there has to be consequences for your action but instead the principal ordered him into alternative school not exspellsion but suspision for the year with all the kids they promised to seperate keeping them on their roster for funding because they are all low income but throwing them out of school.My duaghter was ordered to the for being assualted and because she hit back she labeled as unsafe risk to herself and others;and was ordered to this school as well when i said no withdrew my children and because these exspelssions which are labeled suspensions to keep funding TO KEEP MY KIDS SAFE FROM DRUGS AND PRISON I HAVE TO REFUSE THEM THEIR RIGHT TO EDUCATION.I felt Icould get relief with k12 because ti is at home but refused becuase of what happened at this school they apologized and said im sorry but we can’t help you so this school has been a big rippoff it’s ROBBING EDUCATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katrina Rossville GA

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