Walmart Super Center Store # 5644 Irvine California Review


In my opinion this is a classic example of a Corporate Monstrosity that believes in the elimination of the smaller retailer and then providing a lousy product. Bought a couple of food product that looked like they had been opened. I noticed that the expiration date had expired on two of the three items . The cleanliness of this store is less then respectable looking. We all know that the expiration dates on food need to be checked before buying the products. Unfortunately I didnu2019t have a magnify glass to check the date properly but that leads me to a very important question. Nathan Phan Store Manager as per the website www.glassdoor .com the average store manager for Walmart makes $100,861.00 per year so, I have a couple questions for you. 1. What do you do for $100,861.00 per year that someone else canu2019t do for half of that amount? 2. For $100,861.00 per year cant you come up with an fresh food inventory system to spot check merchandise that may have been opened or the freshness date may have expired? 3. If you do not have the ability or talent to come up with a plan to spot check merchandise you could compensate a lower level manager who isnu2019t making $100,861.00 per year to do so. If you havenu2019t figured it out yet in my opinion, you are substantially over compensated and, have the value in my eyes of a disappointing bookend. If you going have that high level employment position you should have pride in the work place. Iu2019m wondering how you could have ever got that position even better yet who was it who hired you and how much do they make. Bottom line in my opinion Ifa fat cat conglomerates like Walmart can destroy the smaller retail stores in America then you must have the ethical and moral responsibility to take care of your customers.

16555 Von Karman Ave Irvine, , California USA


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