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Questions never answered!!! Glad to hear that someone at Wellspring is willing to try to speak sensibly about this situation. I never knew that the church could be filled with such hatred, and all for the sake of holiness. What has been gained through all of this gossip? Has anyone come to Christ? Has anyone grown closer to God? Has anyoneís idea of the Christian church changed for the good? If anything, the people in our culture, who have been rejected by the church, can see how Pastor Gary and the rest of the staff have been treated, and empathize with them. It is because of such Pharisaical judgment that people turn out to live their lives in spite of everything that is Christian in nature. No one wants to enter a place of worship where they know that the people within that church have done everything they could to destroy the lead pastorís life. Wow, do I feel sorry for the next lead pastor of Wellspring. The people there are so self-deceived that they would turn on anyone who was not in favor of their ideas about church. They have proven it by shunning any and all people who dared to ask questions about the way the Wellspring board has handled this situation. And so, why donít we re-ask some of those questions. 1. Why did Matt Everitt get paid over $100,000 by Wellspring Church, and by their insurance company for supposedly involving himself in some sort of sexual behavior (Extortion)? He could have just fought back and said NO!!! Heís 26 years old. Pretty simple to me. 2. How long did the chairman of the board (superintendent of Jenison Public Schools) know that Matt Everitt was going to come against Pastor Gary? 3. How suspicious is it that the chairman of the board was friends with Matt Everittís lawyer? Could it be that he referred that specific lawyer to Matt? 4. Why does the chairman of the board have the right to scrutinize (in front of the entire congregation) Pastorís Garyís very reasonable salary when he gets paid $238,000 a year? Look it up on google and see for yourself (www.mackinac.org/depts/epi/salary.aspx ). Higher than any other Superintendent in the area. 5. Why did the Wellspring board chairman meet with Mattís lawyer for 8 hours before he notified Pastor Gary or the rest of the board? And why did he fail to secure a lawyer to defend Pastor Gary (Conspiracy to commit blackmail)? 6. Why was the Wellspring staff forced to resign by the Wellspring board (wrongful termination)? According to the Wellspring constitution, isnít there supposed to be a vote for the removal of a staff member or pastor (the answer is yes)? 7. Why did the Wellspring board change all of the locks in the church while Pastor Gary was still the pastor, and well the entire staff was still employed? And how much of the congregationís tithe money did they spend on changing the locks? Was this approved by the congregation? 8. How much of the congregationís money did they spend on hiring a CPA to check the financial records? And did that pay off? Was such a witch hunt necessary? 9. Why are none of the members of the Wellspring board allowed to speak to Pastor Gary? Why is it that the members of the Wellspring board have to have everything approved by the chairman of the board? 10. Why is it that the Wellspring board will not return the property that some of the staff still have at the Wellspring campus? There are many more questions, but letís face it, the Wellspring board will never let anyone know everything that they covered up. What they have done has been very corrupt and ungodly. Stay away from Wellspring Church. .

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