Whiskey Creek Services LLC Providence Village Texas


Complaint: I would caution anyone considering using this company to do anything for them. This couple has a past of this type of operation and after being sued sucessfully for taking money from homeowners and closing shop and claiming homeowners on their bankruptcy in which they took money from and did not do the work they were hired and paid to do. Mr. Lawson as of this date has a felony indictment in Denton County in connection to this for his prior business and there is more than one victim listed on this criminal action. He was not capable of doing the work he was hired for, lied repeatedly with little to no communication, rarely showed up, and eventually admitted he was not able to do the work after he was already paid. Please rearch him with Denton County Judicial Records online both civil and criminal before considering him. Even as of last week he was advertising he was a licensed electrician and plumber. The state had to contact him to warn him to remove those claims from his advertising as he is not licensed. You may also find the review I left under his prior business on ripoffscams.com search under Chris Lawson or Lawson Construction.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 10714 Fishtrap Road, Aubrey, TX Aubrey, Texas USA

Website: www.whiskeycreekservices.com/

Phone: 4696727176

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