The Christrian Singles Registry, owned by Larry McEntire, claims to introduce marriage-minded ladies, from 60 different countries, to American men. At the time, I signed up, I clearly stated 3 things. (1) I was NOT interested in ladies from the Philippines. (2) I WAS interested in ladies from S.America. (3) I wanted to view the personal ad they were to compose of me, so i could agree, or edit it. I was lied to, and was told these 3 things wouldn’t be a problem. Months went by, and NO copy of my ad, NO responses from 60 different countries, NO responses from S.America. Instead, the responses were from the very country I stated I WASN’T INTERESTED IN, the Philippines. I was repeatedly lied to, and the response were of absolutely NO USE to me. After numerous documented attempts, first to resolve, then later to refund, most have gone unanswered, and all have been ignored to refund my money. I hope no one else has to go through the ordeal I have experienced, with this organization.. I demand A full refund of $1365 + a $25 complaint fee.. Stay away

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