will bombard you with calls but there will be no outcome


Lenders Cloud is a lender offering various types of loans. I am shocked to see how the company’s representatives behaved when I approached them for a loan finally. At first, they kept calling me through and through, asking me to apply for a loan and whether I would need funds for any requirement and so on. I kept putting them off like we usually do until one day I thought I would need some money for working capital for my business and then it started unravelling. The company’s representatives were initially nice and later on, they kept on coming up with one excuse or the other to delay the process. One day it was documentation, another day it was the executive not coming and so on. I thought they would offer loans quickly since I met the eligibility criteria or at least I think I do.

In another instance, John Mogannam filed his complaint on behalf of several people in the US District Court for the Eastern District of California against Lenders Cloud LLC or Fast Working Capital which stated clear violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The complaint pertained to continuously receiving unwanted calls on the phone (same pinch for me initially) from the company. In spite of the number of the defendant being on the Do-Not-Call registry, he was still called repeatedly by the company. You will find more information about this lawsuit here. I would recommend try other options elsewhere if you want funds quickly. These guys will bombard you with calls but nothing much will come out of it.

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