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William Self ordered a brand new spa cover from our company on March 29, 2014. It was the 2nd time he ordered a spa cover in the last 7 years from us. He used a credit card online to complete the transaction. When William received his cover he immediately performed a chargeback. When we contacted him he claims it is an inferior spa cover from prior he ordered from us. We told him we make the spa covers slightly different now to comply with energy standards. We explained teh warranty is still 5 years. We offered to send him a new “skin” to match the old one which we no longer make like that but would make an exception. He said he wanted a new skin AND $125 for the “inconvenience”. All he has to do is unzip the two zippers, remove the foam and slide the foam into the new skin. At this point we felt he was being unreasonable and withdrew our offer of shipping out a free (old sytle) skin. This jerk has our spa cover and has paid $0 for it. He is a thief. We have called and called with no reply, he refuses to return our spa cover he has been using for FREE the last 9 months! William Self resides over 600 miles from us so it’s difficult to sue him because of the costs we would eat with traveling. .

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