Willy Dog Complaint


I purchased this cart January 2015. Since it arrived late, damaged and failed inspections here in BC due to cheap non CSA approved parts. It has been a very stressful ordeal communicating and getting Will Hodgkiss to back up his product and in my opinion is a liar and thief! Since having my cart the propane water heater it came with was not CSA approved and had to be replaced with a cheap electric one which has since failed. The tires and axel was made too small for highway use and tires were made in China at a cost of $10.00 each and blew on the highway almost getting me wiped out by a semi truck behind me. Since have been replaced with heavy duty 6 ply rather than 2 ply and still too small cannot modify due to axel frame. Fridge placed on cart also not approved for mobile use (Magic Chef) this is made for in home use only and cannot be used with extensions. Since has also failed to keep my foods cold. Steamer for meats is in fact not a steamer at all but a soup warmer and not suitable for heating meats to proper temperatures. Since has failed and now using electric roaster pan to heat my hot dogs. Bad plumbing job flawed sinks and have also all been replaced at a high cost to me. Bad wiring on rear tail lights and right light shorts out and has to be replaced. The propane compartment was not approved and failed the gas authority due to no ventilations. Frame and including sun protectors have also been replaced due to the weights and poor welding job and were not approved by fire inspector as they had to be tied on by inspectors to get me to my home to be taken off proven to be very unsafe for mobile use. Frame and upholstery was replace at another cost to me. There are many more flaws to mention and still paying out of pocket for to make this more user friendly. These fabricators at Willy Dog do not know what they are doing and will use to cheapest materials they can get over the border for there shotty constructions. I was taken advantage of and hope that someone will join in to take this operator to court and have him own up to his dishonesty towards all those who he has ripped off!

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