Wix Complaint


After originally finding wix about five years ago, I began using the site to build brands an companies for my clients, using wix as the platform an subsequent host however after I got a complaint from a client that his entire site was a templet I began to investigate… I began with a review of wix toc, not noticing prior (understandably they change) but there were several clauses strategically drafted within the toc which essentially explained wix owns everything including the right to “use” your platform or for those not familiar in other words… Wix is saying if you build it and we like it we can and will and do take it (steal) your platform, wix vontrols your business and also steals sites, the look, the feel and most noticeably the content. I embarked on a mission which took place over a year… My boyfriend an I created a massive number of start-ups, all unique as its our business. We backed each business up and copied the contents which we deemed proprietary by means of another source and used as content on the wix sites, low and behold as we watched we began noticing that every good idea was popping up online, now this is even after domain name searches that took us in some cases days to generate. Totally unoque but only used in creating wix sites for example our endeavor jewelmi… A local jewel3 business commissioned us to build a site that delivered jewelry to customer blah blah… We searched an searched and no jewelmi.com. So we held ot on godaddy went to wix executed a marvelous site no bs after building it and not publishing we let it sit for (1) day.. We then did a search and sure enough jewelmi.com popped up.. Did it look exactly like our site? Yup. Did it offer same services? Yup. Was it a wix site? Of course… We were so devastated wix was just another fraud. We contacted the address lol it was in the virgin islands how convenient. So it triggered us to investigate further… We found five sites completely ripped off down to the wording of our content refurbished with a twist an offered as a base templet online. They literally sit an watch for ideas re recreate and pull the rug from under you. Here is another thing… The contradictions, spelling errors and inconsistencies in their policies are almost laughable. Privacy, copyright infringement and theft period. How the hell can you just claim you own someones hard word simply because you have access based on trust… Guess we can ask bernie madoff, allen stanford an every other munipulative souless individual. Keep hard copies with dates of your work, they claim ohh well we will say this and whats not enforceable doesnt apply but the rest does… No its [censor] theft!

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