Wyndham Rewards Complaint


Approached at casino and promised “Free” stuff to go for 1 hour presentation at Wyndham. DID NOT get FREE stuff… only got $25 back and had to pay for our show tickets OFFERED 128, 000 points EVERY year to be used at any of their affiliates, but when signing contract noticed wording changed to “EVERY EVEN YEAR” or biyearly… not the deal we were offered. We noticed it asap, pointed it out, the manager who offered it to us was called in and he “obviously very uncomfortable” tried to say … no that is what you were offered. We asked for original sales lady “Felicia Flowers”… she came in and confirmed we were offered EVERY year not EVEN years. Manager said .. oh for $1000 more, we can do EVERY year 128, 000 point … left room came back with new contract that was for EVERY year, but dropped to 64, 000 points each year. THEY WOULD NOT GIVE BACK THE PERSONAL INFORMATION THEY TOOK FROM US… SAID THEY”D SHRED IT… DID NOT… DO NOT TRUST THEM… VERY CHEAP CHEATS… and manager wreaked of alcohol admitted to being hungover … WYNDHAM… YOU ARE EMPLOYING CROOKS WHO ARE FRAUDULENTLY TRYING TO HOOK PEOPLE FOR A DEAL THEY ARE NOT GETTING… HAVE ADVISED EVERYBODY I KNOW AND WILL CONTINUE TO TELL EVERYONE I MEET ABOUT HOW FRAUDULENT WYNDHAM IS HAD US CONVINCED… WILL NEVER NEVER CONSIDER IT AGAIN

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