Studies show art education is as valuable as math education

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art class benefits

People regularly repeat that art classes are important and yet a lot of public schools are eliminating their art classes from the curriculum. Why is this? There is one public delusion that arts are stimulating and developing only creativity but young people need more discipline than creativity. On the one hand, this is popular fact because every old generation underestimates next one and claimed that younger people are not good enough. On the other hand, art classes have built the idea that arts are superficial. Is it true, though? The only possible way to prove one fact is through research and tests, so we have found several studies that have really interesting results.

In 2006 artist was sent to schools to teach children as a part of “Learning through Art” project. Artists had to help kids during art classes to create their own masterpieces. At the end of the project, children had to face several tests for literacy. In addition, critical thinking was tested, too. The results have shown that children who participated in art classes have better scores on 6 tests. Although this study was made in the USA, this is valid for all art classes all over the world. Art classes in Singapore, like encourage kids to develop their critical thinking and the ability to make decisions. If you don’t understand what kind of decision one kid should take during art class for kids, you should try to draw a tree. Do you see how many ways there are to draw a simple tree? Imagine how many choices one kid make while drawing the whole painting. This sounds really easy but in fact, it becomes very important for every adult.

Art classes in Singapore improve discipline and consistency

In 2009 research was made in public schools in the USA. Although the research has found a lot of interesting general regularities, it shows pretty curious facts for art classes, too. For example, students who have dropped out of school and came back later, have reported that art projects are their main reason for staying. Why is that? If you have started a really big painting, you will want to finish it and receive the satisfaction of successfully completed project. It is not a surprise that children who have dropped out of school have spent some tough time. Art class provokes them to express themselves in the most suitable way. Giving them the opportunity to be heard they become more disciplined. This research shows that art classes in Singapore can be used to solve problems in education.

Arts affect brain positively.

John Hopkins University has conducted a research called “Neuroeducation: Learning, Arts and the Brain,” As you may guess, they have followed the link between arts and brain development. We all know that teaching young kids to hold a pencil and erase with a rubber can affect their motor skills. However, this 4-year study has found some more interesting results. For example, music training will reshape your brain structure. We can bet you didn’t know that. Participating in art class in Singapore will improve your focus so much that it will affect your other activities positive. This will increase your intellectual skills and IQ score. How amazing is this? In addition, this research shows that social activity can be improved, too. Art classes for kids are extremely focusing on these benefits because it is important to develop children’s brains as much as it is possible. When children are 3 – 6 years old, they have the ability to improve their brain activity most. That’s why there are art classes in Singapore that are created for the youngest children.



Knowing all these facts we can’t deny benefits of the art classes.

All these studies prove that we can control literacy, creativity, social activity and intelligence of our children.